What the hell is wrong with people, man?
The parents of a 3-year-old boy who was tossed to his death off a Queens balcony said they have no idea why a woman who was staying with them flipped out suddenly and killed their son, officials said today.

Cops have been unable to talk to the suspect Xiao Aiu Cai, 53, who was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Cai, who had gotten into a dispute with her daughter Tuesday night just before throwing young Jerry Xhou off the ledge, was facing murder charges, said Queens DA Richard Brown.

Sources said Cai and her daughter had been living with Jerry’s family for several months, an arrangement they entered in to lower their living costs.

Cai’s daughter and Jerry’s mother, Yun Xu, worked together as cashiers at a nearby grocery. They are not related.
Xu was apparently trying to intercede during the argument when Cai grabbed the child.

“By the time she turned around the boy was gone,” said Assemblywoman Grace Mang, who spoke with the victim’s parents, immigrants from China’s Fu Jing province.

“All the boy’s mother was trying to do was ask them to stop fighting, but she looked around and couldn’t find her son. And then she looked at the balcony and realized what happened. I’ve never seen something this bad.”

A law enforcement source said Cai had been institutionalized for psychiatric reasons once before.(BOSSIP)

What the hell is wrong with people and society in general these days? Times have changed so much from the way things were. You always had crime and drama through out the country but ignorance and plain out evil is at an all time high. It's really scary and crazy out there in these streets, you dont know what the hell somebody will do at a moments notice,it's crazy as hell!!!!!!(THA CHILL ONE)


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