This year our Nation has seen an increase in child bullying and deaths related related to child bullying and child physical abuse away from home. So I pose the very revelant question, should those that standby and instigate and agitate a situation be charged along with the guilty parties. I've been blessed to work in and around law enforcement for many, many years and I have seen many cases of children especially teens doing dispicable and down right senseless and ignorant crimes mostly from peer pressure. In no way shape or form am I giving the guilty parties an automactic cop out because they all should be sentenced to the full extent of the law and then some but in addition to them, the ones that help bring about another person's demise or life altering injury mentally and physically should be charged as well. I'm going on record saying that instigators and agitators should be charged and if found guilty should pay a price not the heavy price of the guilty parties but a stiff enough price to send a message to all the instigators and agitators that hype up situations for no reason. I have no sympathy for bullies period, especially when it's so over the top that innocent people get killed or take their own lives. Many of this years suicides are bullying related physically and mentally. These social sites have become the new battle ground for alot of bullying. Cyberspace bullying across Facebook, Myspace, and these other social networks that teens and even some adults are addicted to. So I pose the question again, should instigators and agitators be charged too????? Too many senseless murders and deaths in general has happened as aresult of bullying and teen violence as a whole. We as parents and concerned citizens have to stand up and crush it wherever we see it because it can come back around to haunt us all in many ways. We all have family, most of us in general and it can be a child, a nephew,or niece, a family associate or anyone else we love or care about that ends up a victim of this horrible crime. We all have to identify the little signs because children oftimes dont report it until after the fact and thats serious very serious. We have to unfify and fight to help stop this bullying and senseless deaths. PEACE (THA CHILL ONE)


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October 1, 2012 at 9:49 AM

Yes, they are accomplices to the crime.
In many ways they are the devil in the year and the bully's are simply their pawns.
We need more information on what causes people to instigate the crime.

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