Man o man. Not even a WEEK after imposing an ultimatum on his church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts, it has been revealed that Pastor Cedric Miller, of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune Township, New Jersey, and his wife have had multiple instances of sex with a church assistant and his wife. Isn’t it f*cking amazing how these “men of God”, that judge and condemn people, have closets dirtier than a teenage boy??

In court testimony he gave in April 2003, Miller said his wife had an extramarital affair with the church assistant. Miller said he participated in many of the sexual encounters and said the assistant’s wife was sometimes present, too.

Miller said the dalliances — which occurred in the Millers’ home — sometimes took place during Thursday Bible study meetings and Sundays after church. But the minister said the encounters “came to a crashing halt” when several women in the church accused the assistant of having sex with them.

We would talk and laugh and play and just beyond what was appropriate,'' he was quoted as saying. "We had crossed the line many times." Asked by a lawyer about what he meant, the pastor said: "I mean between the four of us. It was just, I mean there was touching, there was ... it was crazy, it was as wrong as wrong could get. Yes.''

"My life as a minister, husband, father and friend has led me to the conviction that I must do all that I can to help as many people strengthen, preserve and repair the often times fragile cords of marriage," the statement said.

I've been in extended counseling with couples with marital problems because of Facebook for the last year and a half," Miller told The Associated Press. "What happens is someone from yesterday surfaces, it leads to conversations and there have been physical meet-ups. The temptation is just too great."


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