The citizens of the Garden State are always eager to dive headfirst into controversy. In this week’s episode of eccentric people in New Jersey making bold and divisive statements, Reverend Cedric Miller is asking members of his congregation to cancel their Facebook accounts.

According to Rev. Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church, 20 couples in his parish have suffered from marital problems in the past six months. Of course the blame falls directly on the dark sorcery of Zuckerberg’s multi-billion dollar invention. In addition to the possibly adulterous couples Miller has ordered all 50 of the married church officials to delete their Facebook accounts as well.

“I’ve been in extended counseling with couples with marital problems because of Facebook for the last year and a half,” explained Miller. “What happens is someone from yesterday surfaces, it leads to conversations and there have been physical meet-ups. The temptation is just too great.”

The request by Miller has been largely well received among his 1,100 member congregation, but of course its garnering plenty of criticism elsewhere. Facebook can obviously be a tool for adulterous couples, but if they were considering cheating to begin with, a petty Facebook ban probably won’t stop them. Their desire to cheat probably runs deeper than access to a social networking site.

But seriously, five years ago who could have predicted that Facebook would be costing people jobs and ruining marriages? Let alone being banned in church communities? It’s interesting that the website was originally designed for college kids to meet and “hook up,” and now married people are using Facebook the same way.

Does anyone else remember getting pissed off when high school kids joined Facebook? What about how weird it was receiving your first friend request from a family member?

What started as a pseudo-stalking device for college kids has transformed into 500 million member monster and it’s still growing. Facebook currently reaches a whopping 35 percent of the Internet’s population, and that’s without any nudity.

In a year’s time we’ll probably be using Facebook’s e-mail, talking on Facebook phones, while eating a Facebook sandwich, in between classes at Facebook University. It’s just a matter of time before they achieve world dominance, and honestly couple thousand adulterous relationships won’t weigh on Zuckerberg’s conscience one bit.


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