The incidence of Christian leaders admitting to losing their faith seems to be increasing. There is no hard and fast rule that once one becomes a Christian, there is no way of rescinding that decision. Remaining a Christian is purely by choice. Recently on ABC News evening broadcast, a couple of Pastors also claimed they had lost their faith after reading the Bible. What is bizarre about these defections is the fact that these Pastors deceptively choose to continue to lead their churches.

Very soon, as the awkwardness of this trend continues, most Churches will refrain from accepting as Pastors and leaders of their congregations, these Pastors who go to seminary schools simply to become Pastors. Most of them are not believers to start with. They look upon the position as “regular” jobs. The Pastor is not simply a position to be filled. Most of these pastors pursue the positions and titles to gain prominence and respect within the community. The power that comes with the title is incredible. The congregations, no matter their estate in life, willingly submit to these men, believing their profession of faith is true, and expect them to do what is required of them as pastors to shepherd them in their desire to serve and worship the Lord.people have learned to fake God’s authenticity. They make their congregants believe that God does not relate with them on a personal level any more, but any person with strong leadership qualities are authenticated by God. Their sermons are mostly made up to suit the temperament of their listening audience. They don’t seek God’s approval; they clamor for the honor and acclamation of men, because they don’t live in obedience to God’s will. That is why the churches are littered with myriad scandals of sexual abuse of children, women being raped, sodomy, cheating, stealing from the collection bowl and totalitarian leaders unapologetic of their baseless behaviors. The acts of present day pastors make Hophni and Phinehas look like Sistine Chapel choirboys. The people who are drawn to the churches by the bizarre antics of these faithless leaders have no chance of growing spiritually because they are not exposed to the right teachings of the Church. The Holy Spirit uses the right Pastors, those who are called according to the purposes of the Lord, as conduits for revelations and doctrinal interpretations to edify the church. I mean come on, look at the world we're living in right now, it's crazy the way religion has taken a turn for the worse with all of these senseless scandals.

We all need to get back to the basics of belief and keep it real with "GOD" and ourselves then everyone else. Religion isn't a game or a form of get rich scheme nor a place we can come Lord over the people and profess what we're not in our hearts and minds.


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December 29, 2010 at 5:43 PM

Since I work with churches in the field, I can attest to the reality you describe, pastors losing faith because their church membership is losing members consistently but I can also point to a culprit. Baptist, Methodist, and other religions are describing the same issues you mention here, seeing their attendance numbers dwindle. The reason is Christians are playing the field, comparing churches by first impressions and more often than not are finding the same type of church, often because of a new revelation regarding religion itself.

Instead of Christians losing faith, today I recognize another reality about religion, in religion we are choosing a particular type of belief, one that may focus on a particular Bible or even ignore certain scriptures in order to justify its focus. The problem here is that in religion, we are dictating to God how we will worship him. Christians are simply coming to recognize that man does not have that right! Thus many are moving to the non-denominational faith, which recognizes all Christian Bibles and does not try to do a slice and dice on scriptures to enhance their beliefs. As a result, where other churches are loosing followers, the Nondom churches are seeing rapid growth. In addition, the contemporary Nondoms that utilize internet TV to pursue "global evangelism" hand in hand with foreign missions have had the most explosive growth, even today.

God is simply honoring those that honor him the most and win more souls for Christ. In the last 10 years, the numbers of non-denominational churches in Atlanta, GA have quadrupled, while religion churches fade and die away. That is my observation regarding churches today. The people are following God, flocking to the churches that honor him more and win more souls for Christ, moving to where God is.

Pastors are also losing faith because of this reality. They may simply need see why they are losing numbers and where their members are going. Christians are finding God elsewhere, pastors need to understand why.

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