They keep getting younger and younger now! A 12 year old adopted boy, from Carnation, WA, had a specific hit list of 20 people, including teachers and fellow students. He even described on it, in horrific detail, how he wanted to kill them!

He has also threatened his family. He has killed the family cat and tried to strangle his 12 year old sister. He is now in juvenile detention. Authorities have found an arsenal of weapons, including some shotguns and a pistol!

There have been several incidents of problems like this with adopted children recently. I don't know about this particular one, but many of them come from parents who were addicts or abused alcohol. Others come from very abusive backgrounds, with extreme abuse and neglect involved.

The adoptive mother said that she was very afraid of him now. What a sad situation. But, where in the heck did he get the weapons from??? He is 12 years old!!!

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