It’s not often that men of the cloth come out of the closet without being pushed out due to scandal. But Pastor Jim Swilley of the Conyers, Georgia “megachurch” Church in the Now has come out in light of the many recent suicides related to LGBT youth. This story as being reported by WSB-TV in Atlanta is certainly not only one of becoming true to yourself but in Pastor Swilley’s case acceptance by his own family and the large extended family of worshipers in his church. As he told WSB-TV, “As a father, thinking about your 16, 17 year old killing themselves. I thought somebody needed to say something,” Swilley said through tears. Swilley who is twice married with four children, was encouraged by his recently divorced wife Debye to stop living a lie, one they shared together during 21 years of marriage as he entered into their marriage with Debye full knowing her husband was attracted to men. It’s not often that men or women who come out later in life and leave a marriage do so with the friendship and caring of their former spouse intact but then to also have someone like Debye to offer her support and encouragement to come out.



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