Near the end of what was a lost season in 2006, Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress cut his leading receiver a few days after some comments critical of the team's approach appeared in a local newspaper. Childress was so incensed, in fact, that he released receiver It was hard not to think of that episode Monday after the Vikings decided to waive receiver Randy Moss, less than 24 hours after he took shots at Childress and the entire team during a rant following the Vikings' 28-18 loss to the New England Patriots. To be sure, it was a decisive reaction to what had quickly become an untenable internal distraction. But it fully illustrated Childress' rigid definition of team chemistry as well as a catastrophically inadequate pre-trade assessment of Moss' history and methods.

Many of you are already asking if Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, ostensibly embarrassed and/or enraged by Moss' postgame rant Sunday, stepped in and demanded Moss' departure. The answer is I'm not completely sure. But I can tell you this: To my knowledge, Wilf has never in six seasons mandated a football decision. It would have been totally out of character and a departure from his management style to do so now.
Which brings us back to Childress, who has repeatedly hammered players over the years for expressing opinions contrary to a team-oriented message. Respected veterans from Robinson to cornerback Antoine Winfield to receiver Bobby Wade to safety Darren Sharper have absorbed his wrath after speaking their minds in media interviews.

Before news of the move hit Monday, Childress said he did not consider Moss' comments "incendiary." I didn't believe him then and I think we now know it wasn't the case. It seems pretty evident to me that Childress read Moss' comments and then watched the tape of his performance Sunday in New England -- a game marked by many of Moss' patented half-run routes and punctuated by a poor effort on what could have been a touchdown reception in the fourth quarter -- and gave up on him.In fact, Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reported that Childress said during a team meeting Monday that Moss "wasn't type of guy they wanted" in Minnesota. Really? Moss' history is too long for Childress not to have made that determination before the trade.

This latest catastrophe robbed the Vikings of a third-round pick and could cost them an additional $3.388 million if another team does not absorb his contract by claiming him on waivers. Worse, they are back to where they were a month ago: without a legitimate downfield receiver to open the field for tailback Adrian Peterson and slot receiver Percy Harvin. Veteran Sidney Rice, who is recovering from a hip injury, appears several weeks away from a return.

But those short-term issues pale when compared to the long-term implications of this episode. If you're a Vikings fan, you're probably having a hard time mustering much faith in the team's direction and leadership. What are they doing and where are they going? I don't know -- and I'm not sure they do either.(ESPN)

Personally I feel that the Vikings made a horrible mistake by waiving Moss and it makes no practical football sense in reality. The team is on the decline this season and it is definitely not Moss's fault by a long shot. Moss was still one of the best players pound for pound that the Vikings had. (THA CHILL ONE)


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