Compiling accurate statistics on the most commonly cited causes of the breakdown of a marriage is virtually impossible - these are the top ten reasons for divorce cited by DivorceGuide.com: (http://www.divorceguide.com)

1. Infidelity
It could be argued that infidelity within marriages is a reaction by a spouse to the real breakdown of the marriage, and is not itself the cause. Either way, it is cited as the cause of almost one third of divorces ins the USA (making it the most common reason for divorce). Surveys have shown that adultery occurs in over half of failed marriages. Spouses may be unfaithful consistently during an affair, intermittently, or just once in a one night stand. Common explanations for unfaithfulness include resentment or anger (with the other spouse) and sexual boredom.

2. Communication breakdown
Commonly, couples become unable to communicate in a normal, meaningful fashion. Either spouse's inability to avoid exchanges which invariably result in conflict is representative of a communication breakdown in the marriage. In extreme cases (especially if accompanied by abusive tendencies), a growing inability to deal with any verbal exchanges without conflict could be indicative of a much more serious problem that requires the attention of a mental health professional. More often, however, growing differences between the spouses which may have their roots in other mentioned causes are to blame for communication breakdowns.

3. Physical, psychological, or emotional abuse
Where either spouse is frequently abusive towards children or each other, the other spouse has clear grounds for divorce. Physical abuse includes all types violence (fighting, manhandling, and physical bullying of an individual). Emotional or Psychological and abuse can be as seemingly innocuous as verbal insults, and can range to taunting, humiliation, intimidation, and consistent negative reinforcement.

4. Financial issues
One of the most common reasons for divorce is economic strain or collapse of the family. Every couple has to deal with money at some stage, and when there is not enough to go around, differences in temperament and priorities are brought to a head. Even if there is no debt incurred, disagreements over the allocation of money often be enough to end an already irritated relationship.

Biologically speaking, humans' preference is to pair for about seven years before changing mates. While well matched couples will, naturally, stay together for much longer than this, and possibly for life, most do not. Some couples will eventually grow distant, disinterested, and eventually bored with each other. Such divorces are often the least bitter of all, and often end amiably enough.

Addiction. Alcohol and drugs are two major areas in which a person can become addicted. There are other areas too but when a person is in the grip of addiction, they do not act in the interests of their spouse. Money is wasted on their addiction and the addict is no longer a kind and considerate spouse. Many marriages fail when addiction takes control.

Abuse. There are many types of abuse. The physical abuse with all its terror and fear is a dreadful thing. But a person including a child can be abused verbally and taunts and ridicule themselves are frightening. Any spouse in an abusive marriage needs professional help as soon as possible. On many occasions, abuse will cause the marriage to end in divorce.

Mismatch. Many couples marry because of their feelings of love but these feelings can die down in time. If the feelings die, the couple finds that they have little if anything in common and such a mismatch can destroy a marriage. Many couples have a hobby which is of no interest to their mate but having nothing in common will often make for a difficult marriage.

Kids. Adults don't really know how their children will turn out and how they, the parents, will behave in raising the kids. But when the challenges appear, disagreements over child-rearing can be a major cause of divorce.

Sexual problems. Some couples find their sex life is not as they would wish and there is any number of differences in this area of intimacy. Many problems are resolved but some are not and can lead to a marriage breakdown.

Faith. When couples of a different religion marry there is always the possibility that the faith of one or of both partners may be a factor in ending their marriage.

Lack of interest. In some marriages, boredom sets in. What was expected didn't happen or the marriage simply fades away for lack of interest.



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