According to reports, T.I. is now serving his sentence behind bars in Arkansas.

T.I. has officially begun his 11-month stint in an Arkansas prison -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper checked in "sometime this afternoon." A spokesperson for the prison tells us T.I. will go through the normal process -- which means he'll be processed, pose for a prison photo, and will be given a bunk assignment. As for the shower issue -- we're told T.I.'s prison has a community shower situation. We're told T.I. will have access to a television room for general viewing. T.I. will be issued a standard prison uniform -- khaki trousers, khaki button down shirt and black shoes. Inmates at the prison can make phone calls -- but they're limited to 300 minutes per month. (TMZ)
Southern rapper David Banner recently reflected on Tip's legal situation.

"My biggest concern is not really so much about Tip. It's about what his kids are going through. The one thing I know about Tip is that he is strong. When I first met him he was the shortest dude in the room [laughs]. But he was the toughest dude. He has always been grown. I just want his kids to be alright because no one ever talks about that aspect. That's where my heart is." (VIBE)


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