What is going on in the world today? Is it truly the signs of the last days? Is the world just in total chaos and mass confusion? We got genocide at an alarming rate still,we have so much child abuse and sex abuse going on in and out of the Church. We have so much hate and discrimination against Muslims and other minorities in this country. Each generation morals are decaying worse than the previous, the youth are killing each other at an alarming rate over basically nothing these days,innocent kids are getting bullied in school and in their neighborhoods and committing suicide at an alarming rate. There needs to be severe penalties for bullying because you have more and more bullies that are going to end up dead or severely hurt by victim's families. Life is too short and a lot of people aren't going to stand by and wait for their child to committ suicide because they can't take it any more. The economy is getting worse in most areas and its an all assault on our President which clearly displays overt racism that the mainstream media clearly ignores. How can a country just so blatantly disrespect the commander in chief overtly, in some countries that sh*t wouldn't be tolerated period. Alot of people were disallusioned when Obama was elected. Many thought we had reached the promise land and that we were over most racial issues and concerns in this country but I'm so sad to inform you, that was farce from the beginning. You dont erase over 450 years of injustice and travesty with one single act in an political arena, a political spectrum. No it doesn't work like that for intelligent people. Hell look how quick the country turned on this man and his family,criticizing his every move political and personal. Music and Movies aren't getting any better, we need more substance across the board as a society. They need to start feeding the people substance, food for thought, things that people can spiritually and mentally grow from as well as be entertained from in the process.Think about it,stop going along to just get along and viceverser. Life is precious and we only get one of them so we have to all make the most of this all so special gift that Amighty "GOD" has given us.PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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