Hours after tweeting about his new "Better Run Run" Jay-Z diss, MC Hammer has now released a music video for the hard hitting slam against Young Hov.

The track includes several lyrical references to the rapper, as well as an apparent lookalike. In one verse, MC Hammer raps: "Yo Jay I gotta reason to doubt, if I knock on your door would you come on out? "If I knock on your door that mean I'm knockin' you out, if I knock on your door boy I'll bust you in ya mouth." (Gigwise)
The video features a masked figure chasing a Jay-Z look-a-like being chased through the words by a devil. On the track, Hammer continues to insinuate that "Jay Hova" worships the devil and needs to find God. He even takes small shot at Beyonce Knowles. "The Devil said 'I'll give you the world' 'I'll take it plus give me a girl. Mister devil can you give a sign he said throw the rock up, that's one of mine'" During the 5-minute video, Hammer berates Jay-Z and threatens to "knock him out." At the end of the video, Hammer, who is an ordained minister, catches the Jay-Z look-a-like and baptizes him. (All Hip Hop)
Despite Hammer going at Jay, he offers him a religious rescue at the video's end.

On Kanye West's "So Appalled" collaboration, Jay references Hammer's fall from fame and publicized bankruptcy woes despite being a platinum-selling artist in the early 1990's."And Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused/ I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30/Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me." ("So Appalled")
My position here at Street-Wize is this,as a man Hammer has the right to defend himself lyrically if he felt dissed or berated by Jay's verse on the Kanye song but hell other rappers have mentioned Hammer's financial woes in rhymes before through out the years. But outside of the manning up and it being his personal right,he can't win at this thing with Jay. Jay is truly out of Hammer's stratosphere no matter his religion,when it comes to this music and entertainment thing. I respect both artist for what they do and what they bring and have brought to the game but a battle in the lines of art and entertainment Hammer cant win maybe in some other arena or endeavor but musically,it's a no win quote me on that.THA CHILL-ONE


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