The bullying of the New Boston teen who killed herself this week continued in cyberspace Friday.

A Facebook page to honor 14-year-old Samantha Kelly, who killed herself Monday after publicly accusing her 17-year-old classmate of raping her, and after her family she said she was bullied by Huron High School classmates.

Nearly 400 comments were posted on the page, which was titled “R.I.P., Samantha Kelly. You will be missed. We love you.” Some comments, that included pictures, were derogatory, others were positive, lauding Samantha

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A rally is scheduled today to show support for Samantha Kelly, the 14-year-old teen who committed suicide after family members say she was bullied at school.

The event’s organizer said she is expecting at least ten people to show up holding signs at Huron Estates in Huron Township at 3 p.m. That’s where Samantha lived.

The protest was scheduled for across from the high school, but Sarah Stonebraker, 23, didn’t have a permit to hold it there, so she changed locations.

Word about the protest spread on Facebook.

Stonebraker said she had never met Samantha before but wanted to hold the demonstration to show support for the teen. She also said she wants to try and help other students learn to treat people differently than how the high school freshman was treated.

“It’s about expressing feelings for this girl and the situation,” she said. “We’re just trying to reach out

Read more: Rally today to show support for bullied teen | freep.com | Detroit Free ...


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