This is super jacked up. Charges were dropped against a Michigan high school senior this Wednesday after his 14-year-old accuser, the prosecution’s key witness, committed suicide Monday following bullying from classmates.
Samantha Kelly endured merciless taunting from classmates after they learned that the high school freshman had accused a senior of rape.

The weeks of harassment eventually became too much. Samantha went home from school Monday and hanged herself in this community southwest of Detroit.

With their key witness dead, prosecutors on Wednesday dropped criminal charges against the older student, saying they had no case without the accuser’s testimony.

Samantha’s mother screamed at 18-year-old Joseph Tarnopolski after his brief court appearance and had to be restrained by a relative. She told reporters she was not consulted about the decision to dismiss the third-degree criminal sexual conduct charge.

“My daughter did not get any justice,” June Justice said.

Tarnopolski told the Detroit Free Press he was sorry to hear of the girl’s death. He told Detroit station WJBK Samantha was “a friend” and felt “a little bit” responsible, but said others were behind any taunts.

“If she was getting ridiculed, it’s not because it me,” Tarnopolski said. “It’s because of somebody else.”

Samantha’s accusations became known to many of her neighbors and classmates after she and her mother spoke to a local television station about the matter. Samantha’s face was blocked out, but word of her allegations quickly spread.

“People wanted to beat her up – people who were friends of Joe,” said Ayla Raines, who also attended Huron High School. “Not to her face. She heard from other people that they wanted to beat her up.”

Another young girl has stepped forward to say she was also victimized by Joe Tarnopolski and he may be facing new charges.

Huron Township Police say another girl has filed a criminal sexual conduct complaint against Tarnopolski.

“It’s of a sexual nature, but it’s under investigation. We’re conducting interviews on it,” said Huron Township Police Detective Scott Carey.

FOX 2′s Taryn Asher asked Tarnopolski and his lawyer, Matt Evans, if they were aware of the latest investigation.

“Not to my knowledge,” said Evans. “I have received no report. I talked to the prosecutor today. I’m sure she would have mentioned it to me and no.”

Tarnopolski also responded “no” when asked whether he had heard of any girls coming forward with new allegations.

Little is known about Tarnopolski’s newest alleged victim, but we do know the girl came forward and filed the complaint on October 22nd, four days after Samantha Kelly told her story to FOX 2.

We hope Samantha Kelly gets her justice, but it sounds like the police and the media need to do a better job of protecting victims/witnesses in that town! SMH.

The mother may actually get her justices after all though…

The entire damn law book should be thrown at everyone involved, this sick sh*t has to stop, it has to stop now. Too many innocent children are being abused, bullied, and tormented to the brink of suicide and thats so damn sad and unfortunate. We have to save our children by whatever means, we're losing children at an alarming rate across the globe and its sad and it has to be stiffer penalties for bullying and for abuse (sexually and mentally). (THA CHILL ONE)


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