A 22-year-old Dallas mother is in police custody after authorities say she unmercifully tortured her daughter for a potty-training incident.

Police report that Elizabeth Escalona, dragged her daughter, Joselyn Cedillo, by her feet across her apartment, glued her hands and stuck them to a wall until they bled because the 2-year-old soiled her pants.

She then reportedly beat the little girl with a shoe and a belt, kicked her, and pounded her in the stomach with a jug of milk.

According to police, the young mother later made a hysterical phone call to her mother after she noticed that something was wrong with the child.

When the mother arrived Joselyn was unconscious and rushed to the hospital where she remains in critical condition with broken bones and head injuries.

Escalona was arrested for causing an injury to a child; she is being held on $500,000 bond



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