The rapper known as the "GAME" who burst onto the scene with a scorching classic debut album "The Documentary" Executive Produced by DR.DRE AND 50 Cent that went double platinum is selling 98,000 in his first weeks sales of his new album "RED" that earned him the Number 1. slot atop the Billboard Charts.He barely beat out the throne album in its third week it did 95,000 and stands at 700,000 plus sold already. The GAME will be hard pressed to sale 700,000 units altogether with this album when its said and done. So what is it why only certain rappers like Jay Z,Kanye West,Eminem,LiL Wayne,Drake, and Nikki Minaj are going Platinum and everybody else are jocking to sale whatever it is they sale. They may even have big singles,big videos, and big buzzes behind them on the streets but its not equating to record sales like you think they are. As big of an artist as Rick Ross is right now he doesn't sell platinum inside the United States not even any of your Atlanta Rappers anymore the closest two are Ludacris and T.I. Only the true Superstar rappers with a cult-like following are moving major units even in an age where everything is digital. The Carter 1V will sale major units on top of units but it is not Waynes best work to date by far but he has a cult-like following right now that supports everything he does. 50 Cent no longer moves platinum units with his albums so what does that tell you about the state of the industry as far as hiphop sales are concerned. Its time for a new infusion of fresh against the grain content in the music business especially hiphop. To me Jay Z. and Eminem should do one more album a piece and gracefully bow out and retire from making albums not music.They have both had succesful runs especially Jay Z. 12 Number 1. albums on the billboard charts thats crazy unto itself. But artist like The GAME who hates on everybody but only moves under a 100,000 his first week sales need to do some self evaluating and look in the mirror cause where I come from with a name and ego as big as his thats a major flop. The label will never recoup their money off of his album by far. So is it safe to say "GAME OVER"??? SAFE TO SAY THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND ITS CRYSTAL CLEAR>>>>>


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