We that live in the United States Of America are blessed to live in the greatest Nation on the planet. But for all the freedom and liberties that we have along with some of the greatest technology and independence, we have a horrible and sad reality as well. Our beloved country often displays double standards and hypocrisy invading countries and foreign territories killing innocent civilians and dethrowning other countries Presidents and Rulers Etc. We have enough problems domestically in our own country that needs to be dealt with and rectified. As a country we instigate and exsasibate many foreign problems and issues. We interfere with alot of countries private affairs and civil affairs unnecessarily time and time again. I dont agree with alot of madness and injustice in the Middle East but hell who is America to try to right the wrong when America has not right her own wrong by far. Is it a coincidence that America is always interfering with Oil-Rich Nations or is that just our country's standard of operations. I say and Millions just like me will agree it's our country sad standard of operations to interfere in the affairs of other countries especially the ones that can't really defend themselves against America's mighty military. But you dont see America trying to punk Russia or China. We call ourselves a great democracy but are we the great hypocrisy??? Because we're always in the middle of other countries foreign affairs. We have enough injustice to focus on in our own country where injusticeness runs rampad. I love our country and all that it has to offer but our government is wicked to the core and is responsible for some of the world's most savage crimes and injustices. America needs to focus on America and not always focusing on another country and what they can take from that country. Perfect example George Bush lied to the whole world just as his father did as well. Before its all over with, we're going to witness over here what we've been witnessing over there. The protests and rebellions over here are only going to get much worse as time passes us by. U decide, our country is what it is good and not so good in many,many ways. We love America but do America really love us, we helped build this great Nation but do this great Nation appreciates our blood,sweat,and tears ??? Ask yourself, do this great land we helped build appreciate all of our many,many contributions. Hypocrisy or Democracy ??????????????????? Think About It//THA CHILL ONE


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