Lil Kim checked in with Atlanta's V-103's Ryan Cameron this week and discussed the real tension that started her beef with Nicki Minaj.

During the interview she sated,

"Baby tried to reach out a hundred times. Puffy tried to reach out. But I feel like both of those two were a big major part of the problem... so it was really nothing to talk about.

"[As far as Puffy], I feel it was very disrespectful because being with Puffy for so long... I remember plenty of times when I said something that may have been offensive about somebody and Puffy... back in the day he wouldn't
As a matter of fact he would say 'No, No, No, you got to change that. You can't say this.' Especially if it was about somebody he had a relationship or was getting money with, he wouldn't let that ride like that so that's what bothered me.

Now he's sitting there saying she's mad becauyse I wanted to work with another female... Come on, how preposterous is that. How many females has he worked with that I was cool with or didn't have a problem with so {his answer] didn't make any sense to me."

Peep the interview below as she further details her version of how Baby and Slim used her to create Nicki Minaj's image and calls Drake a "Pink Person"... another word for??? [LOL]



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